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Murphy Anderson was born on July 9, 1926 in Asheville, North Carolina. He began a career in the comic book art which led to becoming one of the premier inkers of his era.

He worked for various companies, mainly DC Comics, for over 50 years. This incredible half century plus run started out in the late 1930s at the very dawn of the Golden Age of comics.

Anderson worked on such characters as Hawkman, Batgirl, Zatanna and the Spectre, as well as the Buck Rogers daily syndicated newspaper comic strip.

During World War II, he also contributed for many years to PS, the preventive maintenance comics magazine of the U.S. Army.

As an inker, Anderson also co-created what many fans consider to be early defining images of the modern-day Flash, Atom, Green Lantern, Adam Strange, Batman and Superman and Batman.

With frequent collaborator penciler Curt Swan, the pair's artwork on Superman and Action Comics in the 1960s and 1970s came to be called "Swanderson" by the fans.

Besides Swan, several other great artists in the field saw their careers boosted even further into the stratosphere by Anderson's striking yet delicate lines, notably including Carmine Infantino (The Flash) and Gil Kane (Green Lantern, and The Atom).

As of the mid-2000s, he was supervising Murphy Anderson Visual Concepts, which provides color separations and lettering for comic books.

Anderson was inducted into the Jack Kirby Hall of Fame in 1988.

Some Of Anderson's Accolades:

* Alley Award for Best Inker (1962)
* Alley for Artist Preferred on Justice League of America (1963)
* Alley for Best Inking Artist (1964)
* Alley for Best Comic Book Cover (Detective Comics #329, with penciler Carmine Infantino) (1964)
* Alley for Best Inking Artist (1965)
* Alley for Best Comic Book Cover (The Brave and the Bold #61) (1965)
* Alley for Best Novel (an untitled story in Showcase #55, with writer Gardner Fox) (1965)

Justice League Of America 19

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Partial Anderson DC Bibliography:
Comics Work (Interior Pencil Art)

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* Brave and the Bold #61-62 (1965)
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* Flash (Golden Age Flash) #201 (1970)
* Hawkman #1-21 (1964–67)
* House of Mystery #37 (1955); #225 (1974)
* House of Secrets #91 (1971)
* Jimmy Olsen (full art): #129-130, 132; (Superman and Jimmy Olsen heads re-drawn over Jack Kirby layouts): #133-144 (1970–71)
* Korak, Son of Tarzan #52-56 (1973–74)
* Secret Origins (Doll Man) #8; (Uncle Sam) #19; (Black Condor) #21 (1986–87)
* Showcase (Dr. Fate) #55-56; (Spectre) #60-61, 64 (1965–66)
* Spectre #1 (1967)
* Superman (Fabulous World of Krypton) #233; (Private Life of Clark Kent) #270 (1971–73)
* Unexpected #122 (1971); #208 (1981)
* Tarzan (backup stories) #207, 209, 217-218 (1972–73)
* Weird Worlds (John Carter of Mars) #1-3 (1972–73)
* Witching Hour #38 (1974)
* World's Finest Comics #256 (1979)

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